Bothe Deck renovation

Matt and Elise Bothe embarked on a personal renovation journey to transform their 1970s-built home in Perth into their dream home.

Installing a deck was the final piece of their massive home renovation project, which began after their appearance on The Block TV show in 2019. 

Elise explained, “When we first started doing the design process, this particular part of the reno was going to be the connection point from the new pool to the laundry, and also the place that the kids can run through and get to the bathroom area without putting water everywhere in my house.”

The Right Choice for Durability, Sustainability, and Low Maintenance

The Bothe family chose Millboard composite decking with the Enhanced Grain in Coppered Oak look—a virtually maintenance-free product known for its realistic timber appearance and durability. 

Matt said, “We needed a solid piece of decking that we could colour-match with our interior. Millboard’s natural look was perfect, making it the eyepiece when you step out the door.” 

They also appreciated that it was made from natural materials, making it environmentally friendly without needing extra maintenance.

“The maintenance side of decking is huge. You’ve got to oil it, clean it, all those sorts of things. With Millboard, we knew it was low maintenance – once screwed in, it was done. So that was pretty cool.”

Safety for the Whole Family

Safety was crucial for the Bothes and their young kids.

Matt noted, “Millboard’s got more of a non-slip than other products in that market. When the kids come out of the pool with wet feet and step on it, the board doesn’t incorporate too much heat. Over our summers here in Perth, we can get above 40 degrees, and the temperature on that board is not going to burn the bottom of your feet. That was one of our main things, especially with young kids coming in and out over it, that it won’t affect them.”

Long-term Cost Benefits

Matt emphasised the long-term cost benefits: “It’s cost-saving because of its longevity. I always tell my clients that a little extra now will save more in the long run. It’s durable and sustainable.” 

Elise humorously added, “And you don’t have a whinging wife going, ‘We need to oil the deck, it doesn’t look as good anymore.‘”

Aesthetic Appeal and Harmonious Space

The Earth tones of the boards created a harmonious and calming space. Elise shared, “The kids love the colour, and it’s a calming space to look out onto. The light reflecting on the pool area creates a moment of harmony.” 

She also noted, “I love the fine and aesthetically pleasing details of this product.

High Praise from Seasoned Renovation Experts

The Bothe family highly recommends Millboard and Concept Materials. Elise summed up their experience: “From a personal and professional base, with Concept Materials, it was a no-brainer.” 

As owners of Five Homes, a home renovation company in Perth, Matt and Elise also recommend Concept Materials products to their clients. 

Matt emphasised, “I always talk to my clients about the benefits of Millboard. It’s durable, sustainable, and low maintenance. It’s a product that truly stands out.”

Elise adds, “I had met Titus Dartnall, the CEO & Founder of Concept Materials, before. From the very start, you could see his passion for what he does. His dedication to customer service and the brand made it easy to recommend Concept Materials. Clearly, the people behind the brand work hard and are always looking to improve, which is invaluable.”


Contact Concept Materials today for more information about Millboard products and to see how they can enhance your next project.

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