Back Deck Ideas on a Budget

You know you like the idea of backyard decking, but how do you do it stylishly and on a budget? Well, that’s what you’re about to find out. This post explores tips and tricks to help you on your way – giving you the best of both worlds. All the advice you’re about to read is affordable and practical, proving decking doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

So, let’s crack on with the tips:

Choose Wood Alternatives

Wood is a fine decking material, but composite could be even better. It offers the classic look you want at a lower cost and with less maintenance

Conventional wood decking requires regular treatment with stains to keep the moisture out and prevent warping. But composite products have this factor built in. Planks can survive in the rain for years without becoming contorted. 

Add Solar Power Lighting

You could also add solar-powered lighting to your decking. It’s an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to conventional lights as you don’t need to run cables from your home or do expensive electrical work. Solar-powered lights collect energy from a solar panel (usually attached to the top of the bulb dome) during the day and release energy as light at night, using a light sensor to detect when it gets dark. 

You can place these solar lights on your decking or build them into it for a more luxurious appearance. The choice is yours.

Try Vertical Gardening

Adding vertical gardening to your decking can also transform how it looks and feels. Hanging planters bring the garden closer and make the space more like a sanctuary. 

What’s more, green walls are surprisingly affordable. All you require is a rack and some pots for plants. You don’t need to invest in an expensive hydroponics system unless you want something fancy.

Build DIY Railings

Lastly, adding DIY railings to your deck could help elevate it and make the space more exciting. These bring charm and give you a sense of pride in your creations. 

Simply browse our range and order your free sample to see first-hand how you can bring your backyard to life.  

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