10 Stunning Deck Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Stylish decking can transform any outside space and can serve every purpose from relaxation to socialisation. Whether your existing decking needs an overhaul, or you’re simply looking to install a decking area for the first time, we’ve put together some stunning deck ideas that could be just the thing to complete your outdoor space once and for all.

1. Creative Deck Designs

Thinking outside of the box with a few creative outdoor deck ideas can help you secure a unique outdoor space. Fun creative ideas include things like deck furnishings such as outdoor rugs, funky flooring that may include painted wood or ready-coloured composite, or even cutting-edge glass or chord railings that allow you to secure your deck while still enjoying great views.

2. Outdoor Living Spaces

Transforming your decking into an outdoor living space ensures that you use this area more regularly. Luckily, there are some great alfresco deck ideas to help you achieve this goal. Most notably, you should invest in high-quality, waterproof patio furniture, including comfortable sofa sets and even hammocks if that’s what you enjoy! There are also now plenty of fire pits or even fire tables that could keep this space cosy and usable all year round. Finish your outdoor living area by pairing your deck design with your interior styling, which can make this feel like a literal extension of your home.

3. Decking Materials

Materials play a huge part in the success of any backyard deck ideas, and each option can create a very different finish project. The most common materials that you can choose between are –

  1. Composite decking: An increasingly popular option for modern decks that’s made with a combination of wood or synthetic fibres, recycled materials, and binding agents. Composite is durable and long-lasting, and can look great in a range of decking areas, including pool-side installations and wrap-around decks. 
  2. Wooden decking: Wooden decking is a traditional option, and there are some great timber deck ideas out there, especially in wood-based or rustic backyards. Unfortunately, wood decking is susceptible to issues like rot and fungus, and may have a limited lifespan in damp or exposed areas.

4. Elevated Decking

Elevated, or multi-tier decking is fantastic for individuals with unusable garden slopes or uneven garden flooring. By taking decking above ground, you may even find that you’re able to create a deck area with a much larger square footage than you would achieve otherwise. Proper installation is crucial for ensuring the durability of elevated decking. You should also ensure your safety by avoiding wooden decking that may be susceptible to rot.

5. Built-In Seating

Seating is a key feature in most deck area ideas, and built-in seating can take this to the next level. By incorporating your seating in your decking design itself, you can save space, and generally achieve the sleekest finish. Fantastic built-in seating ideas include benches that also act as deck borders or even chest seats that can double up as in-built storage. 

6. Pools and Tubs

Pool deck ideas provide instant impact, and ensure a spa-like area to enjoy. You can either install decking that goes right up to your pool edge or use something like a balcony deck to incorporate a hot tub or plunge pool. In each instance, consider things like deck durability, as this area will be exposed to some water residue, as well as chemicals like chlorine. Generally speaking, composite decking is more water and chemical-resistant than wooden deck alternatives, and should easily be able to weather this kind of use. 

7. Modern Decking Trends

There are some great modern deck area ideas out there, and each of them can create a striking cutting-edge deck area. The most common decking trends right now include – 

  • Contrasting mixed materials including wood, composite, glass, and more
  • Open decking that creates a seamless flow and unspoiled views
  • Tiered decking that makes full use of available outdoor space
  • Outdoor kitchens that take alfresco living to the next level
  • Sustainable decking that uses recycled composite or natural materials like wood

8. DIY Deck Projects

While you can build a great deck from scratch, it’s generally worth leaving deck installations to the professionals. But there are still some great DIY deck projects that can see you making your mark and doing your bit to bring your deck dreams to life even with minimal building skills. They include –

  • Upcycling hacks like painted garden furniture, repurposed planters, and even hanging ornaments
  • Small building projects like living walls, decking covers, and even a decking base
  • Planter edging around your deck base
  • And more

9. Enhance Your Deck With Plants

All decks are better with plants, and there are plenty of back deck ideas that can help you incorporate a bit of greenery. Something as simple as colourful potted plants can be effective for adding interest, depth, and a spot of colour to your deck design.Hanging planters are also a great option, and these can free up floor space while still creating an impressive display. Living walls achieve this goal, too, and are becoming increasingly popular as a deck design choice. 

10. Deck Lighting Ideas

Deck lighting is a crucial element of any back deck ideas, as it allows you to stay out well after dark. The right lighting setup can also be incredibly attractive. Popular deck lighting ideas include things like garden string lights, colourful lanterns, and even hanging lights. If your decking has a surround, you can also install static solar lights that provide a reliable, subtle glow to your entire deck area.

Have Fun With Stunning Deck Designs

As you can see, it’s possible to do a lot with your deck area, and all of these designs could transform the space. Here at Concept Materials, we provide high-quality Millboard composite decking that can help you implement all of the designs listed in this article. Whether you like the idea of a poolside deck area or a space-saving elevated deck, browse our full composite deck range today to start bringing that vision to life. 

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