What Are The Best Materials for Pool Decking?

Creating a perfect swimming pool escape in your backyard is as much about the pool as the surrounding decking. A superb pool deck not only enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal but also prioritises safety, durability, and comfort.

But with a sea of options available, deciding on the right decking material can often be challenging. To give you a good start, this guide will take you through some of the best materials for pool decking to consider, whether you’re building a new home or breathing new life into your existing pool area.

Timber decking: The classic appeal

For years, timber has been a popular choice among homeowners for decking around the pool for its classic, timeless appeal. The warm, natural look of wood can transform your pool area into a welcoming oasis—perfect for relaxing or entertaining. The textured surface of timber also offers excellent traction, making it safe for those with wet, bare feet running around the pool.  

However, while timber decking might win on the aesthetic front, it demands significant maintenance. For one, it requires frequent sealing to prevent moisture absorption, which can lead to warping, cracking, and eventual rot. 

 Another downside of this material is that timber decks can become scorching underfoot in the height of an Australian summer, which can be less than ideal for barefoot enjoyment. And don’t forget timber is susceptible to termite damage, a common concern for Australian households.

Concrete decking: The robust choice

If durability and cost-effectiveness are high on your priority list, concrete pool decking is worth considering. Withstanding the test of harsh weather conditions, it offers remarkable durability that timber can’t match. Its natural porosity also provides a slip-resistant surface, essential for poolside safety.

 Besides that, another significant advantage of concrete is its versatility. You can dye, texture, or stamp it to match your aesthetic preferences and home design. This customisability allows homeowners to design a unique and personalised pool deck.

However, concrete has its set of drawbacks. Like timber, it can become uncomfortably hot under the sun, making it less enjoyable during those scorching summer months. Moreover, while robust, concrete can crack over time, leading to potentially expensive repairs or replacements. And though it can be dyed or textured, it lacks the natural, warm appeal of materials like timber or millboard composite.  

Millboard composite decking: The balanced option

If you’re looking for the perfect balance between aesthetics, safety, and durability, Millboard composite decking ticks all the boxes. Constructed from a revolutionary Polyurethane resin, reinforced with mineral fibres plus a unique Lastane® coating, Millboard composite decking beautifully imitates timber’s natural look and feel without demanding high maintenance. Whether enduring the scorching summer sun or a sudden downpour, this pool decking material stands firm, necessitating minimal, if any, repair or replacement.

Designed with a unique, high-performing top layer, Millboard composite decking resists fading and wear and can stand firm against the typical warping, cracking, and rot issues of timber, ensuring that your decking around the pool stays beautiful throughout its lifetime. It’s a testament to how far decking technology has come, presenting a material that’s not just about looks but also long-lasting performance and ease of maintenance.

Safety and comfort are also at the forefront of Millboard composite decking. Its non-slip surface ensures secure footing, even when wet. It also doesn’t become excessively hot under the sun, providing comfort for barefoot enjoyment on perfect summer days.

Furthermore, Millboard composite decking brings a level of versatility that goes beyond traditional pool decking materials. It offers a broad spectrum of decking colours and finishes, allowing homeowners to create a pool deck that truly matches their home’s style. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek, modern look or a classic, rustic feel, there’s a Millboard composite decking option. This versatility, along with its remarkable durability and safety features, renders it a well-worth investment for the discerning homeowner.

Making the right choice

Choosing the best material for your swimming pool deck is about balancing aesthetics, safety, durability, and, of course, your budget. Timber decking, with its classic appeal, might tempt you, but it’s worth noting that it requires high maintenance. And while concrete decking may be durable and cost-effective, it can become hot and may not provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for your outdoor space

In contrast, Millboard composite decking manages to combine the best aspects of both. It mirrors the natural aesthetics of timber while providing superior durability and comfort, which makes it a standout and practical choice for Australian homeowners looking to elevate their poolside experience. 

With the right material, you can create the perfect setting for summer pool days filled with relaxation, fun, and unforgettable memories.

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