5 Reasons You Need Building Consultants When Sourcing Materials

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A flourishing construction sector is one of the primary indicators of sound economic growth. More buildings spur additional jobs, and more housing units mean citizens can afford to pay for these significant purchases. 

In Australia, the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that total dwellings approval increased to 28.1% in August 2022. Additionally, the value of buildings rose to 23.5%. These are all positive indications of the industry’s post-pandemic recovery. But some constraints have been identified, and project delays may hamper these proposals.  

Multiple factors must be considered in a building project, including the choice of materials and how and where to get them. Besides the construction team’s expertise, the quality of building materials greatly impacts your project and how the building holds up in the following years.

Working with a consultant is your best option if you want to overcome construction challenges. Below are the most compelling reasons for such.  

You want to minimise costs and risks

As of 2019, the average cost of building a home was pegged at AUD$320,000. This figure rose to AUD$ 473,000 as of April 2022, due to various reasons that include supply chain issues and price hikes in building materials. 

Consultants or home builders can help owners reduce project costs by choosing a reliable supplier capable of meeting building materials supply requirements on time and at reasonable rates. In doing so, these professionals can help avoid delays in material deliveries and ensure the material’s quality.   

Besides choosing the most cost-effective solution, consultants can also help spot potential hazards, like flooding and earthquakes, and how to minimize their impact on your home before, during, and after the project.  

You need to make the building last

Besides natural disasters, a building must also be resilient to stand the test of time and the harsh Australian weather. A consultant can help you pick the best material for your project based on several factors, including climatic conditions, location, structural weight, and design. Identifying materials that resist corrosion, excessive heat, and moisture is only part of the equation. 

Identifying the quality of each building material, its reliability and aptness is crucial in boosting structural resiliency and durability. Through several considerations and knowledge of construction technologies, a consultant can pick the right materials and propose the proper way to use them for optimal performance. Put simply; you won’t be able to build a sound structure without expert opinion and guidance. 

To ensure material availability

The rising demand has caused further dents in the construction materials supply. Shortages and supply chain issues have impacted industries worldwide. Like other countries, Australia has seen prolonged delays in the delivery of raw materials and other parts heavily used in construction projects.

These constraints have further affected the timely construction of 130,000 homes under the government’s HomeBuilder programme. In addition, the bushfires in 2020 destroyed vast portions of softwood plantations and hardwood, making such materials scarcer than ever.    

A builder or consultant can help you choose high-quality local sources to overcome these challenges, from looking into other potential sources to mixing and matching readily-available supplies.   

You need help in achieving design objectives

Construction experts provide valuable advice on a design that fits your objectives, lifestyle, budget, and location. Their experience allows them to align your goals with the practicality and aesthetic of your living space.

For instance, if you’re planning to build a sustainable dwelling, a consultant might suggest bigger windows and other features that boost energy efficiency, like solar panels. Similarly, a consultant might propose a multi-functional living area if you’re raring to have a home workspace and a guest room, even with limited space. Changes like these can impact your material requirements and budget, and consultants can ensure that you achieve these goals without going overboard.    

To ensure regulatory compliance

State and local governments regulate the construction industry and related activities, including issuing building licences and permits. Territories have different rules to ensure that the sector remains safe for everyone and that materials are used correctly. For instance, the National Construction Code of New South Wales dictates that projects avoid non-conforming and non-complying building products. 

An owner may face hefty fines if found to be non-compliant with these rules. In addition, rectifying such errors will result in costly repairs or replacements or expose workers to certain risks, resulting in a lawsuit.  

Your building consultant will provide insights into which materials to use and how to use them based on existing and applicable laws. These professionals can also advise owners of the height limits and other restrictions in line with these orders, preventing you from facing these problems moving forward.   

Concluding Thoughts

A construction project is a significant investment. But rather than skimping on costs, owners must be willing to spend more to ensure structural viability. The above reasons should convince homeowners to work with specialists to ensure their building remains sustainable while optimising costs and streamlining works. Doing so may require additional charges, but it’s money well spent.      

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