7 Good Reasons To Choose Millboard Decking

Installing a deck is among the most valuable upgrades you can have for your home. A composite or timber deck can provide you with an additional exterior living space you can use for family activities or hosting gatherings. Deck installation can also significantly add value to your property by improving your landscape’s overall look and appearance. According to resources, 86% of Australian homeowners plan to make outdoor structural changes to their homes, with 43% wanting to add a deck.  

As deckings have increasingly become a trend over the years, the amount of money needed for its installation has also drastically changed. Among the factors that have impacted the cost of deck installation is the type of material used. You can have hardwood decks, softwood, pressure-treated wood, plastic decking, etc. But an upcoming material that one must consider for deck installation is Millboard.    

What is Millboard?

For starters, Millboard is a fine wood-looking material made from polyurethane resin, mineral fibres plus a unique Lastane coating. Unlike other composite decking materials, millboard has no plastic or wood content, earning its reputation as an extreme durable decking material. Millboard is also hand-moulded to look as realistic as real wood. Thus, distinguishing them from natural wood may not always be easy.      

Why should you choose Millboard decking?     

Now that you know more about Millboard, here are seven good reasons to consider millboard decking when adding decks to your home.    

  • Millboard decking is algae-resistant    

Algae can grow and accumulate in your deck over time when using natural wood for your deck. This is true, especially since algae thrive best on wood surfaces exposed to water and sunlight, including human-built structures such as decks. Once your deck is covered with algae, it makes the floor more slippery, which puts anyone at risk of slip-and-fall incidents.     

According to the Queensland government site, about 6% of Australian houses have decks, and 2% are at risk of fatal injuries due to wet or slippery decks. This may be a good reason to choose Millboard decking if you want to achieve a real-wood-looking deck without worrying about algae infestation.     

Millboard decking is non-porous and has no wood content, making it highly resistant to algae infestation with excellent slip-resistant properties. You may also consider Millboard composite decking for outdoor kitchens, garden ponds or swimming pools.    

  • Millboard decking requires little maintenance   

Thanks to the Lastane coating, Millboard composite decking is much more resistant to various elements, like dirt, food or drink stains, paints and other liquid variables. In short, your Millboard deck won’t easily deteriorate and will only require little to no maintenance. This is also why Millboard decking is perfect for outdoor cooking and dining.   

Meanwhile, if you opt for the other decking material options, you’ll likely spend around AUD$400 for oil and sealants twice a year, which you’ll use to keep the deck in good condition and extend its life. Moreover, you can expect to incur additional costs if you hire a professional to perform the bi-annual repairs or maintenance.     

Even with its durable and non-porous quality, you’ll still need to maintain millboard deck every now and then to keep it neat and in good shape. You may simply use a brush and soapy water to scrub the surfaces or hose them down with a low-power power washer.  

  • Millboard decking is hardwearing and long-lasting  

Another good reason to consider Millboard composite decking is that its surface is durable from scratches and UV-ray damage. Unlike wood or timber decking, they tend to fade or have tan lines over time due to direct sun exposure. As a result, you’ll need to set aside an extra budget to restore them to their former glory by coating them with a waterproof deck stain.  

With Millboard decking composite, you can enjoy its original beauty without coating it with waterproof deck stain. Best of all, its glass fibres make your backyard deck more resistant to possible wart, rot, or splinter.  

  • Millboard decking is resistant to a highly saline environment  

If you live near the beach, you are probably worried that your deck might rot or deteriorate due to the saline environment. In this case, you can choose Millboard decking for your beach house or any coastal property. Millboard can thrive in a highly saline environment.

  • Millboard decking can help you save money in the long run  

If you want to save money in the long term, Millboard composite decking may be your best choice. Since millboard is non-porous and highly resistant to various elements, you’ll spend less time and money on its repairs or maintenance. On the other hand, softwood or timber decking may soon crack, warp or be infested with mould or algae that could cause discolouration. When this happens, you’ll need to spend a significant amount of your budget for the required regular repairs and replacements due to their less superior quality. Hence, it’s best to research the Millboard decking price list Australia online and compare prices.

  • Millboard decking is environmentally friendly  

No trees have been cut to make Millboard. Further, Millboard composite decking is highly resistant and won’t easily fade, warp, rot or splinter like timber decking. That said, you’re reducing the wasteful life cycle of constant deck repair and replacement. You’re also eliminating the need to frequently use oils, sealers, or paints, which are known to harm the environment.   

  • Millboard decking can improve your outdoor aesthetic  

Although any type of decking material can improve your exterior aesthetic, most of them come with costly repairs or regular maintenance in the future. Meanwhile, if you have Millboard decking, you still get to boost your outdoor aesthetic and have a real-wood-looking deck, but its quality is unmatched by that of real wood.   

Ready to have your Millboard deck installed?  

Choosing Millboard composite decking for your home has numerous good reasons and benefits. If you’re ready to install yours, don’t forget to contact us at Concept Materials. We’ll provide you with the best quality products and accurate Millboard decking prices, recommend you to our team of professional deck installers and ensure you get the best out of your Millboard deck project. 

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