All aboard the Mediterranean-inspired SeaDeck boat

Golden Oak Millboard decking

Introducing the new and improved SeaDeck Sydney

SeaDeck is the place to be if you’re looking to set sail on the beautiful waters of Sydney Harbour. A luxury leisure and events boat with a difference, SeaDeck offers serious entertainment vibes while providing a luxurious space to hang out with fellow music lovers and embrace al fresco living. The vessel is also a fantastic venue for corporate events and chilled-out days with family and friends. Featuring a huge Golden Oak Millboard deck with an array of seating areas and bars, VIP booths, dance floors and a DJ stage, this new and improved vessel offers the perfect base to enjoy a memorable cruise.

The SeaDeck transformation: Designing the perfect leisure deck

SeaDeck Sydney has undergone an incredible transformation. The striking cruiser you see gliding through the waters today was once a high-traffic commercial vessel. The new owners wanted to embark upon an ambitious renovation project to create Sydney’s best leisure cruiser.

One of the greatest challenges facing the SeaDeck team was creating a deck that looked incredible and also offered functional, practical benefits. What do you do when you need a safe, hard-wearing deck for dancing or hosting events in the middle of the harbour? Selecting materials for boats can be tricky due to the effects of exposure to the elements, but there is a solution. Millboard decking offers all the aesthetic benefits of traditional timber while also ticking the safety and practicality boxes.

A closer look at SeaDeck’s custom-designed deck

SeaDeck’s custom-designed deck is the jewel in the crown of this amazing, unique design project. Made from Millboard Golden Oak, a type of innovative, wood-free composite decking, the deck is hard-wearing, functional and easy to maintain. Millboard decking eliminates concerns and hazards traditionally associated with harbour cruising and it requires minimal maintenance. It also looks breathtaking.

Designed by AZB Creative and built using Golden Oak Millboard decking from Concept Materials, SeaDeck’s bespoke deck is like no other in Australia. Golden Oak decking spans the entire bow of the boat while the sub floor has been created using low deck H4 timber joists.

All aboard for a Mediterranean-inspired adventure!

The SeaDeck renovation encapsulates the inimitable vibe and aesthetic of the Mediterranean. Transport yourself to the azure waters and golden sands of the Mediterranean sea by jumping aboard. SeaDeck is the ultimate exclusive leisure boat in Sydney, offering guests the chance to host corporate events or enjoy tropical cocktails, live DJ sets from the best in the business and an unforgettable cruising experience. To have a closer look at Millboard Golden Oak request a sample now!

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