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Small Deck Ideas: Maximising Space and Style for Your Outdoor Oasis

Elevate your small outdoor space with these savvy small deck ideas, optimising both space and style. From strategic deck designs to space saving furniture choices, discover how to turn your small backyard into a stylish outdoor oasis.

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Composite Decking guide

The Ultimate Guide to Composite Decking: Benefits, Installation Tips, and Maintenance

Explore composite decking from every angle. Discover its benefits, installation tips, maintenance strategies, and expert advice on choosing the perfect option for your Australian outdoor space.

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Millboard decking brings the Hamptons to this Perth coastal home

Discover the coastal transformation in Perth by Zorzi Builders, who are elevating a seaside residence using Millboard’s Limed Oak Enhanced Grain decking. Delve into the seamless integration of premium decking and cladding materials, witnessing the infusion of both elegance and durability in this exceptional project.

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Millboard Decking

Millboard Decking Australia: Where Safety Meets Elegance, Rain or Shine

In the world of outdoor decking, Millboard composite decking stands out as a symbol of quality, safety, and elegance in Australia. This blog delves into its remarkable durability, safety features, and innovative headless screws that enhance both aesthetics and security. Discover how Millboard Decking Australia combines safety and elegance, rain or shine, to elevate your outdoor spaces.

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As seen on The Block 2023 – Ash & Leah’s Backyard Reveal

Leah and Ash’s remarkable backyard transformation on The Block 2023 stands as a testament to their impeccable taste and visionary design. Millboard Decking in Smoked Oak played an instrumental role in bringing their dream to life, earning accolades from judges and securing its place on The Block Supplier List for 2023.

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Transforming Commercial Spaces: The Benefits of Millboard Decking for Businesses

In this blog, we’ll explore how Millboard composite decking can transform commercial outdoor spaces and/or urban developments. Discover its diverse designs, durability, and low maintenance, making it a game-changer for creating inviting and captivating outdoor areas.

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Log Cabin Hotel

The Log Cabin Hotel: A quintessential riverside local

The Log Cabin in Penrith, has made a triumphant return to its former glory after a devastating fire in 2012 left it in ruins. With a decade-long restoration effort led by new owners, working with the best professionals and materials including Millboard decking, The Log Cabin has breathed new life into Penrith’s pub scene.

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composite decking benefits

The Top Benefits of Composite Decking

Discover the world of composite decking and unlock the secrets to transforming your outdoor space into a durable, low-maintenance haven. In this blog, we’ll delve into the top benefits of composite decking, giving you all the insights you need for your next outdoor project.

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how millboard decking is made

The Science Behind Millboard Decking: Crafting the Ultimate Outdoor Flooring Solution

The blog explores how Millboard decking is made, showcasing its innovative features and highlights what makes Millboard so unique and preferred by so many architects, builders and homeowners alike.

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