As seen on The Block 2023 – Ash & Leah’s Backyard Reveal

The Backyard Reveal

As seen in the latest backyard reveal episode of The Block 2023, Leah and Ash’s backyard stands as a testament to the power of vision and impeccable design. From the moment you step into this oasis, you’re transported into a realm of tranquillity and entertainment, where every element harmoniously blends together.

The captivating pizza oven, the inviting entertaining area, the picturesque circular pool, firepit chillout zone, and the verdant garden form a symphony of comfort and style. At the heart of this masterpiece lies a choice that not only adds to the aesthetic allure but also brings unparalleled durability: Millboard Decking in the sophisticated Smoked Oak shade.

A Place of Zen (And Play)

Want to see Ash & Lea’s backyard in all its glory? You can watch the grand unveiling at this link. What you’ll notice about the yard is, first of all, it looks amazing — any homeowner would be proud to have such a well-put-together yard on their property. 

It also strikes the perfect balance between relaxation and play. This is a yard that invites you to sink into deep relaxation, yet it also provides plenty of opportunities for socialising with friends and family. They chose a cool palette, which they complemented perfectly by selecting smoked oak decking. 

And it wasn’t just viewers who were impressed. The show’s judges were, too. Block Judge Shayna Blaze commented, “It’s definitely an adult space, but it’s also kid-friendly. I can see kids running around that tree playing games and I can see a little teepee in the corner.”

All of this made choosing Millboard decking the obvious choice. It’s easy to focus on the aesthetic qualities of Millboard decking, but it’s also hardwearing and safe and comes complete with a nail finish. That makes it the perfect option for families with active kids who plan on entertaining for years with decking that maximises safety and requires minimal maintenance. 

Outstanding Results

Quality products typically lead to quality results, and that’s certainly what we saw in Ash & Lea’s backyard transformation. The yard was well-thought-out and perfectly executed, and they’ll undoubtedly be very happy with the outcome for years to come. 

To appear on The Block Supplier List 2023 is an honour in itself, but to see the product used in such a beautiful yard is another level of satisfaction. Millboard’s composite decking has long won plenty of rave reviews for its excellent craftsmanship and timeless beauty, so it’s no surprise to see it used in such an exquisite way. If you’ve been inspired by the Leah and Ash Block backyard, then don’t hesitate to check out the fantastic selection of composite decking products we have available. 

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