Can You Put Cladding Over Brick? A Comprehensive Guide

Cladding protects property exteriors, enhances aesthetics, and is easy to maintain. But can you put cladding over brick? Cladding is designed to be installed over an existing exterior material, and brickwork is actually ideal for installing cladding.

Benefits of Adding Cladding to Brick

There are some excellent benefits to installing cladding on top of brick. Firstly, it greatly improves the image of the property exterior. Cladding can be used to disguise any unsightly areas of brickwork and give the property a brand new look. It will also deliver numerous practical benefits. Cladding protects your home from UV damage, making it perfect for Australian climates. If you live in an area with more rainfall, cladding can protect your home from moisture too.

Choosing the Right Cladding for Brick

Cladding is available in different materials, so how do you select the best type of cladding to install over brick? Some of the options you can consider for cladding include installing timber cladding with brick, stone, metal, uPVC and our Millboard composite cladding which is moulded from selected timbers. Brick is also a cladding option and some might choose to replace cladding with brick slips if they currently have another material.

One thing that you might need to consider when choosing the right cladding for brick is ventilation. Installing the cladding properly is essential to ensure it does its job.

Maintenance Tips for Cladded Brick Homes

How can you properly maintain cladding that has been placed on a brick home? Choosing the right cladding is a good start and will help you to reduce necessary maintenance. You should create a maintenance schedule that includes cleaning the cladding when necessary. Regularly checking for any damage will ensure problems are detected as soon as possible.

Enhancing Brick’s Aesthetics with Cladding

Installing cladding is a fantastic way to improve the aesthetics of any property with a brick exterior. Brick can look good when it is first built, but over time it might begin to look dirty or deteriorate. Cladding offers an easy way to make the property look like new again. There is a range of cladding materials that can enhance the aesthetics of any home. Composite cladding is a popular choice due to its appearance of timber and ease of maintenance.

Exploring Different Cladding Options for Brick

You can choose from several cladding materials for a brick home. Each of them has certain benefits to consider if you want to make the right choice. When improving a brick house with cladding, some of the options to consider include:

  • Wood cladding – timber cladding has a great aesthetic but can require more maintenance than other options
  • Stone cladding – stone cladding can create either a traditional appearance or a more contemporary look
  • Composite cladding – composite cladding is affordable and easy to maintain, while giving the aesthetics of timber
  • uPVC cladding – this is a relatively cheap option but there is a risk of the material discolouring over time

There are various other choices for covering brick with cladding. It’s important to consider your budget, desired aesthetics, longevity, and the maintenance required. Millboard cladding is a composite cladding that offers the benefits of a beautiful, durable, and affordable cladding material.

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