How Millboard Decking Helped Achieve A Seamless Flow, Inside To Out At This One Tree Hill Residence

An Initial Look At One Tree Hill Residence

Introducing a pinnacle of modern living: One Tree Hill. With a focus on accessibility, livability, and unparalleled design, this exceptional home sets a new standard for purposeful living. 

Designed to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces, the Hampton-style property exudes refined vintage seaside luxury while ensuring durability and timeless appeal.

Developed by O’Shea Builders & Sons, this Life Ready residence embodies the essence of functionality and foresight. A home that not only meets the resident’s current needs but also evolves with them into the future.

Challenges Of Using Composite Decking Boards To Achieve A Seamless Flow

When completing this breathtaking One Tree Hill Residence, the builders were met with a specific challenge that they had to overcome. The challenge was to meet the decking design brief and install a seamless floor level from the inside open-plan kitchen living to the outside deck. This meant no steps up or down so the inside space flowed perfectly into the outside space. 

Executing this seamless flow on the ground floor is a lot trickier than it may first appear. After all, achieving seamless, zero-tolerance flooring throughout a home can be tough for builders, especially when the house floor is not far above the outside ground level. Then there are the additional issues of damp earth, avoiding any tolerance in material selection, and choosing decking that is aesthetically pleasing and functionally aligned with the client’s vision. All of which makes getting the decking in this property right no small task. 

Fortunately, all of these issues were solved by using Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak Decking on this project.

The Advantages Of Using Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak Decking

Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak Decking proved to be the perfect solution for this project for several critical reasons. Firstly, its innovative lost head fixing system sets it apart from traditional decking materials, allowing for seamless installation without visible screws on the surface. 

Moreover, its low-maintenance nature eliminates the need for regular upkeep such as repainting or battling rot and algae, affording residents of the One Tree Hill Home more leisure time to enjoy their outdoor area. Furthermore, thanks to its durable composition, Millboard decking outlasts wooden decks, reducing the necessity for frequent replacements and ensuring longevity. 

Lastly, its highly slip-resistant material enhances safety, relieving homeowners of concerns about slip hazards and guest safety.

By choosing Millboard composite decking in the Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak shade, O’Shea Builders achieved a beautiful natural look, with a seamless flow between the kitchen, patio, and deck of this One Tree Hill Residence. All with zero tolerance. The effect is stunning, and spacious and will also ensure the residents will delight in using their ground floor area for years to come. Contact us now to discuss your next project.

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