Millboard Magazine 2023

Millboard Magazine

Check out our newly launched Millboard Magazine. A great source of inspiration, showcasing a variety of incredible projects that came to life over the past year. If you’re passionate about creating inviting outdoor spaces with decking and cladding, this magazine is the ultimate guide to turning your dreams into reality.

We’re excited to showcase the craftsmanship that has gone into creating these extraordinary projects. The Millboard Magazine will provide you with our latest and most stunning projects to date. Two of the featured projects are;

1. Inge Jabara’s Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

In this fascinating project, Millboard’s Driftwood decking takes center stage, combining the allure of nature with the sophistication of composite decking. The rustic charm of the Driftwood decking enhances the environment, creating a harmonious and inviting space. This project showcases the perfect synergy between Millboard deck and visionary expertise.

2. The Mediterranean-Inspired SeaDeck Boat

A collaborative creation with AZB Creative. This unique deck is a combination of imaginative design and detailed workmanship. Adorned with Concept Materials’ Golden Oak Millboard decking, the SeaDeck boat exudes a captivating Mediterranean charm. The entire bow of the vessel features luxurious Golden Oak decking, cleverly integrating low deck H4 timber joists in the subfloor. This isn’t just a deck; it’s a floating work of art.

What sets Millboard apart in terms of performance? Unlike traditional composite decking options that combine timber fibers and plastic, Millboard takes a different approach. Our decking provides a distinct underfoot feel by utilising Polyurethane resin, an elastomer that is a cross between plastic and rubber. This unique combination provides the durability of plastic along with the comfort of rubber, creating a truly one-of-a-kind decking experience.

Decking material options include timber decking, offering a natural look but needing maintenance; composite decking, providing a wood-like appearance with low upkeep; and plastic decking, low-maintenance yet lacking natural wood aesthetics. Choose based on your priorities for appearance and maintenance.

But that’s not all! Our commitment to quality extends beyond decking to include composite cladding. Just as our decking boards blend beauty and flair, Millboard cladding adds elegance to your spaces while enduring the elements and the passage of time. External cladding boosts your home’s look and adds strength against potential damage. From decking to cladding, Millboard covers all bases in the pursuit of top-notch quality.

At Concept Materials, we go beyond being a typical building supplier or cladding and decking installers. We’re creators of excellence, crafting spaces that come to life.

For a visual glimpse into these incredible projects and more, dive into Millboard Magazine here.

Let’s dig in deeper into what sets Millboard apart and discover why we’re recognized for exceptional performance.

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