Olive Farm Wines Wins Dual Awards with Millboard Decking

Discover how Olive Farm Wines secured multiple awards using innovative Millboard Decking to enhance their venue’s beauty and functionality.

Olive Farm Wines has been an institution in the lush area surrounding the Swan River since its conception in 1820

It is only in recent years that this thriving vineyard has become one of the most up-and-coming spots in the Swan Valley for families, friends, and wine lovers alike. With innovative winemaking techniques, unique grape varieties, and one-of-a-kind wine styles, this vineyard has conquered the hearts and minds of both visitors and locals.

The Millboard’s timber decking used for the front facade only compliments the spectacular surroundings of the vineyard by creating a vibe that merges urban and rustic styles – and, ultimately, it creates a long-lasting, safe area where people can gather to celebrate special moments.

Olive Farm Wines: A Stunning Background To Celebrate The Moment

Today led by the 4th generation winemaker – with Anthony Yurisich at the helm – Olive Farm Wines stands as a testament to the blend of tradition and innovation. Established in 1829 by UK Botanist Thomas Waters and developed by the Yurisich family since 1933, it has evolved into a must-visit destination.

Transforming the Vineyard Into an Up-and-Coming Gathering Place

Over the past years, Olive Tree Wines transformed a traditional winery into a contemporary space. The expert team managed to accomplish all this and bring to life this vision without losing the essence of the vineyard. 

Utilising innovative materials such as Millboard timber decking, they have created a venue that invites both the young and the old, visitors and residents, wine connoisseurs and novices. The space now serves as a vibrant hub where wine lovers converge, share stories, and create memories in the heart of Swan Valley.

Spatial Design That Brings Together The Past and The Future

The spatial design strategy at Olive Farm Wines is created to be a bridge between the past with the future. By incorporating composite decking boards for the facade and employing rust-look paint, the venue sports an urban vibe while paying homage to its rustic origins. 

This out-of-the-box thinking approach led to the creation of a design that not only respects the winery’s history but also addresses the taste and needs of today’s visitors.

The Advantages Of Using Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak Decking

Composite decking is an excellent, long-lasting choice to face and overcome the common issues found with traditional wood. Not only does it offer durability and low maintenance, it also resists wear, tear, and weathering, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Plus, its design flexibility and aesthetic appeal enhance the vineyard – as well as any – outdoor space, combining practicality with style.

Withstanding The Elements in Swan Valley 

Swan Valley’s weather challenges, from harsh sunlight to unexpected rain, require materials that endure without compromise. Millboard decking stands up to these elements, ensuring the outdoor spaces remain safe and functional year-round, ultimately delivering unparalleled durability and reliability.

Merging The Indoor and Outdoor Space 

When it comes to merging indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly, composite decking like Millboard enhances the fluidity of design. It allows for a harmonious transition that not only expands living spaces visually and functionally, but also elevates the overall aesthetics of the space.

By choosing Millboard composite decking in Golden Oak, Olive Tree Wines achieved a beautiful look that will delight visitors for years to come. Contact us now to discuss your next project.

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