Project Highlight: Mandurah Playground

mandurah playground

Mandurah’s incredible new playground was designed to provide an accessible hub for local families to meet up, play, meet new friends and make the most of the beautiful surroundings. Aimed at children of all ages, the goal was to create a versatile play space, which offered a broad spectrum of activities and opportunities to stimulate the senses, form new bonds and, most importantly, have fun whatever the weather.

The new playground in Mandurah is unique not only because it boasts a veritable treasure trove of attractions, features and play zones, but also because it channels and celebrates the heritage of Mandurah and the natural beauty of the environment. Timber from the Old Mandurah Bridge, which forms the sides of the structure, has been combined seamlessly with new child-friendly Millboard decking to create a breathtaking focal point.

mandurah playground

Spotlight on the Mandurah Playground Bridge

Having worked on several projects in the City of Mandurah in the past like the skatepark, Concept Materials was the natural choice for this project. It’s impossible not to be blown away by the iconic Mandurah Playground Bridge and platforms, the jewel in the crown of this amazing development. Constructed using Antique Oak Millboard decking, which was chosen for its incredible aesthetic appeal, the bridge and platforms are functional, safe and family-friendly as well as spectacular in its design.

Millboard Antique oak is unlike other forms of decking. It offers a raft of advantages over other materials for projects that are designed for community spaces and child-friendly activities and adventures. Boasting a beautiful, organic aesthetic, antique oak Millboard composite decking fits seamlessly with traditional timbers, enhancing the inimitable beauty of the Western Foreshore.

With any structure that is designed for children and young people, it’s essential to go beyond aesthetic appeal and prioritise health and safety. Millboard Antique Oak decking covers all bases, offering the following features:

  • Minimal maintenance and upkeep
  • Anti-slip, splinter-free decking for little feet
  • No mould, rot or algae
  • Hard-wearing, durable and scratch resistant
  • Environmentally-friendly

The antique oak difference

Mandurah’s impressive new playground is a shining example of the Antique Oak difference. A statement-making feature, the composite decking looks incredible, it actively promotes and champions sustainability and safe play and it provides a functional, practical route for children to explore the playground, enjoy stunning views of the waterfront and take in their surroundings.

mandurah playground
mandurah playground


Mandurah has an enchanting new playground, which is attracting visitors from far and wide. A thriving hub for local families, the playground is a perfect example of how a community project can inspire young people and bring children and adults together. This wonderland for kids features diverse play zones and spaces for all ages but the star attraction is the re-purposed timber and Antique Oak Millboard bridge and platforms, which provides a show-stopping focal point and enables easy access to towers, pods, nests and slides as well as breathtaking views of the waterfront.

For more information about this unique project and to request sample, don’t hesitate to contact us.

mandurah playground
mandurah playground

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