Why Millboard Decking Is A Versatile Design Tool For Outdoor Living Spaces

Why Millboard Decking Is A Versatile Design Tool For Outdoor Living Spaces

Millboard decking is inspired by the beauty of nature but built to outperform it. Often referred to as the finest resin-mineral composite outdoor flooring, Millboard decking combines the natural beauty of genuine timbre with the high performance of unique wood-free material. These meticulously crafted decking boards are as attractive as they are functional. Craftsmen hand colour every board to ensure each is unique, while its distinctive material property enables hidden fixing to create smooth, clean finishings.

This article discusses what Millboard composite decking is, its properties and benefits, and provides examples of what makes Millboard a versatile design tool.

What is Millboard decking?

Millboard is a unique decking product made from mineral fibres, reinforced with fibreglass, and coated with a polyurethane elastane layer. Polyurethane is a go-to material when durability and strength are required, as it maintains the rigidity and longevity of plastic and the flexibility of rubber.

Millboard composite decking is styled from real timbres, designed to mimic the natural beauty of wood while eliminating the inevitable warping, rotting, splintering, and deterioration the elements bring. The material is also highly slip-resistant, even when wet. As such, it provides a durable and safe design element perfect for outdoor areas of all kinds.

Millboard properties and benefits

Each Millboard product results from the tedious process that combines extensive research and development, craftsmanship and attention to detail. From the polyurethane layering and resin mineral filling to the hand-coloured wood finish, Millboard decking is a true work of art. This commitment to ensuring high-quality results in a composite resin material that is:

  • Tough: It can withstand demanding outdoor environments while resisting scratches and stains to maintain its finish.
  • Safe: Because it is wood-free and non-porous, Millboard prevents algae and fungi growth, which, along with its distinct surface, adds to its anti-slip properties.
  • Solid and durable: The blend of natural minerals, polymer resin, and long fibre reinforcement strengthens each Millboard decking board length, while its solid structure ensures it won’t rot, warp, or be susceptible to insect infestation.

These properties also make Millboard decking a low-maintenance design option made to endure ageing and the elements.

Why Millboard decking is a versatile design tool

Apart from its natural aesthetic and structural rigidity and durability, Millboard’s versatility makes it an excellent design choice for pool deck areas, terraces, patios, and virtually any outdoor living space. Below are practical applications of this versatility.

    • You can use it to create flooring aesthetic

Millboards’ range of deck colours allows you to create various flooring effects for your outdoor space. For example, you can create patterns to outline an area or lead the eye to prominent design pieces and other space focal points. Additionally, you can use it to make an area appear larger than it is and play with the available decking colours to suit the space’s motif.

These design applications give you creative freedom while ensuring structural quality.

Why Millboard Decking Is A Versatile Design Tool For Outdoor Living Spaces
    • Millboard allows you to maintain design flow

Millboard decking enables you to match other design elements, such as colour schemes from one room, to seamlessly transition to an outdoor space like a garden or patio. This design continuity can increase the impression of size and width and creates flow from one area to another.

    • It’s an adaptable solution to tricky design challenges

Limited spaces can often lead to design challenges that can be tricky to solve. For example, sloping gardens in smaller areas usually require moving earth and performing additional, costlier construction. Millboard decking offers an adaptable and more economical solution to these design challenges, as you can shape and trim the material to suit your needs.
In addition, millboard edging and fascia open up a world of design possibilities, such as under-lip lighting, stairs, and built-in seating, allowing you to turn challenges into design opportunities.

    • Millboard has multiple design applications

Speaking of design possibilities, millboard can also be used for complementary design elements in outdoor spaces, such as planters, tables, and other fixtures. The decking lengths are designed for easy installation, while its lost-head fixings hide beneath the Millboard surface, allowing you to achieve a near-flawless finish to your designs.
Paired with Millboard edgings and fascia, the continuity of texture and colours can give your space a more refined look, adding understated elegance and sophistication to any setting.

Final words

Decking has been an outdoor design staple for the past half-century owing to its practicality, aesthetic simplicity, and versatility. And as technology has advanced, modern composite materials like Millboard have breathed new life into the timeless design element, amplifying its structural integrity and versatility. When you add Millboard’s generous palette of colour options and finishing accessories, you have a decking that makes it truly enticing to live life outside.

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