4 Tips For Choosing A Deck To Match Your Home Design

More than just being a place where you can grill steaks every weekend or enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, an outdoor deck is an extension of the home where you make great memories with your family and friends. Adding a deck to your property makes outdoor living more enjoyable, relaxing, and worth the investment. 

Undoubtedly, Australians love the great outdoors, which is why they consider their decks an essential component of the house rather than merely an addition. The Houzz Australia Landscaping & Garden Trends Study’s findings show that 82% of homeowners undertaking landscaping projects make improvements to outside dwellings, with deck renovations or additions being the most common project.   

Matching your deck to your home design

If you’re about to build a new home, renovate your property, or refurbish your rundown deck, building a deck that matches your home design is something you might want to consider. Below are some tips you can use for choosing a deck to match your home design:

1. Choose the right shape and size

Decks come in all shapes and sizes, and you need to consider which one will best suit your home’s architectural design. Deck renovations are influenced by the size and shape of your yard and your local building codes and deck construction guidelines, but the shape and size of your deck will largely depend on how you intend to utilise it.    

If you enjoy hosting large gatherings at home, you’ll need a more spacious deck for outdoor entertainment. You also need to consider furniture and other elements you plan to add to the space, such as on-deck kitchens. On the other hand, a small yet cosy deck will be perfect for couples or a small family who can use the space for napping, reading, tanning or enjoying a cup of cocoa beside an outdoor firepit.  

Consider how much yard space you have while also taking note of existing features that can affect your deck’s shape and size. For example, a slope, patio or pool in your backyard could affect the size and shape of your deck. A classic rectangular deck shape suits most home styles. If you want to highlight a particular focal point, such as an outdoor firepit or a hot tub, a hexagonal or pentagonal shape can help direct people’s focus and attention.

Image: Dorrington Homes

2. Know your deck material options

Another essential consideration when building a deck with your home design in mind is the material you’ll use for this outdoor addition. If you want your deck to offer a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces, the material you pick will ultimately affect how flawless the transition will be. Most modern homes use stone and brick for their decks, but you can also consider other unconventional options. 

Consider future maintenance and repair expenses while selecting the best materials for a creative and inspiring deck design. Choosing a low-maintenance option might save time and money because these charges can add up over the years. Millboard composite decking can be a great alternative if you want a unique blend of high-performing materials with minimal upkeep. This material also lasts for a long time, while still feeling natural under foot. 

3. Consider your home’s exterior

Your deck can complement your exterior space if you mix and match colours, elements, and materials. Moreover, you can add a deck railing made of natural wood to a garden or manicured area if you want to achieve a traditional setting. If you prefer a contemporary or modern look, integrating glass railing with stainless steel cable will give your façade a streamlined, industrial appeal.  

Think about the existing shades on your exterior elements, including the trim and siding, when matching the deck colour to your outdoor colour scheme. One trick is to use one of the shades used on your patio or pool design to create a cohesive look. You can also pick an accent colour that seamlessly blends with your home’s exterior.

4. Work with a professional

Although you can take the DIY route when building a deck that matches your home design, working with a contractor is another excellent option. It may add to the overall building or renovation costs. Still, a professional’s equipment and skillset can ensure your deck meets your aesthetic preferences and needs as a homeowner. 

According to Australia’s leading property marketplace, Domain Group, over 70% of homeowners use a professional for their outdoor projects, and 18% of renovators hire outdoor enclosure specialists for patio and decking. Working with contractors is best for those who struggle with time constraints or don’t have the right DIY skills. A contractor also knows the latest building codes and regulations required for your project.  

Final words 

Building the perfect deck that matches your home design requires a lot of planning and decision-making. The goal is to create an outdoor escape that tells a story and showcases your creative preferences.  

Contact us at Concept Materials today for suitable decking materials and ideas to match your home’s design. You can also take note of the tips mentioned above to plan a beautiful, functional, and inviting deck that your family and guests can enjoy for years to come.

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