Why Designing A Deck Requires Architect And Interior Designer Collaboration

Reasons Architects And Interior Designers Should Collaborate In Designing A Deck

Reasons Architects And Interior Designers Should Collaborate In Designing A Deck

Building outdoor decks on the front entrance or the backyard is one of the most popular outdoor projects in Australia, alongside landscaping. Australians’ love for outdoor entertainment and relaxation is believed to be the driving force for having decks in their homes.

Designing a deck may look easy, but several aesthetic and structural factors must be considered for a successful project. Moreover, some states have distinct construction, materials, design, and size laws.

That said, hiring an interior designer and architect to create a deck design is crucial. But what are the main differences between these professions? What benefits can you get in hiring both instead of choosing just one to generate great deck designs? You’ll find the answers below.

Understanding the difference between architects and interior designers

To understand how architects and interior designers may collaborate, it helps to know what their primary roles are in construction projects.

What do architects do?

Architects focus on a building’s physical structure. These professionals are mainly responsible for the structure’s safety, function, and environmental impact.
After understanding the client’s goals and preferences, an architect will merge specific design and artistic concepts to create safe and functional buildings, including deck designs. Additionally, they must ensure that the entire structure’s size, materials, and design comply with applicable building codes.

What do interior designers do?

Meanwhile, interior designers focus more on a certain space’s aesthetics or design elements. They can and will propose the best colours, lighting set-up, and decorations for your project, whether you’re looking for a breathtaking front entrance deck, backyard deck, or any outdoor deck design.

In other words, the architect can plan the placement, structure and primary materials used in your deck. At the same time, the interior designer can help design this exterior home structure’s overall feel and look.

Why should they collaborate?

Property owners seeking a deck renovation or construction can rely on these professionals for the best outcomes. As stated, several essential considerations are involved in designing a deck, including the shape, size and material.

Architects will focus on optimising structural performance, and interior designers will keep their sights on interior space design. Together, they can breathe life into your dream deck design while ensuring that they can:

1. Strike a balance between design and function

A home deck is a structural extension of your property and serves multiple purposes. Besides being a place for comfort and relaxation, the deck can be a gathering area for family members.

Involving an architect and interior designer will fulfil the deck design’s practical and aesthetic components. They can help ensure that your outdoor living space seamlessly feels like an extension of your indoor space. They can also conceptualise a deck design that makes you feel comfortable by installing clever lighting design and adding pieces of furniture.

2. Determine the best deck materials

Several deck material and finishing options are on the market, including composite decking, timber decking, and PVC decking. Each of the materials has upsides and downsides, and these professionals will consider them and align them with your goals to arrive at the best choice.
The visual appeal shouldn’t be the only priority for your deck. A sturdy material capable of withstanding the Australian weather is as important, assuring that the structure will remain safe and stand the test of time.

3. Ensure compliance with standards and regulations

As mentioned, state laws on deck construction vary. In New South Wales, for instance, deck design spaces smaller than 25 square metres are exempted from approval, whereas the Queensland government most often requires owners and builders to secure a deck construction permit.

Architects know the local, state, and national building codes by heart, and so do some interior designers. These professionals are front and centre when it comes to ensuring compliance. Building and construction regulations are essential in any construction, as they provide all occupants’ safety. Anyone who violates these provisions will face hefty fees and might see their project destroyed and rebuilt.

4. Help optimise property value

Almost all property upgrades entail substantial costs. Fortunately, deck constructions and renovations offer high returns, which is helpful when you’re planning to sell your home.

With these professionals, you can optimise your returns and home value by increasing kerb appeal. Interior designers can propose extra furnishings like railings, fences, a pergola, and other structures for a flowing design. They can create perfect light settings to generate the ideal ambience and mood according to customers’ goals and preferences.

Final thoughts

In designing an outdoor deck, an architect’s and interior designer’s skillset and experience complement each other. Architects are typically in charge of the deck’s layout, while interior designers specialise in furnishing them.

A good collaboration between these two professionals offers the best outcomes in any construction project, creating a functional and compliant living space that’s also visually appealing. As a property owner, you can never go wrong in hiring these experts for flawless deck designs.


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